We offer one of the world’s oldest and most respected bioenergy stabilizer technologies

Be strong, be age-defiant, be clear of mind

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We've perfected a sympathetic vibration that matches the body's bioenergetics. When incorporated into your products our waveform biotechnologies will balance, stabilize and renew your customer’s bioenergetics for greater protection, increased energy and enhanced well-being.

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We’re still in business because we value your trust

Dear Guests,

We've been in the "helping people with energy-balancing" business for over 25 years—pretty much before anyone else. We're sad to say that we've seen quite a few imitations and "miracle" products come and go. Even our trusted Harmonic Energy enhanced products have been knocked-off a couple times. Unfortunately, those... Read More

...few insincere people have tainted the waters with mistrust. It's disheartening because there are some great energy-enhancing solutions on the market.

We know that the bioenergetics industry seems, well, weird, but it's supported by over three thousand years of history and our Harmonic Energy waveform biotechnologies are reinforced with thousands of man-hours in its molecular geometric, cymatics and scientific development and research. We definitely have a high tech with a soft touch.

The best way remaining for us to set you at ease, is to tell you that we use and love all the products enhanced with our Harmonic Energies. Our families use them, our children have used them all their lives and most of the hundreds of thousands of world-wide customers still use them. A good percentage of customers return to purchase more because they'd given their enhanced product to a family member or friend who needed it. You'll see, you may be tempted to do so too. That says quite a bit about not only the value our technologies bring but the kind of people that use them.

We stand ready to enhance your products with our waveform biotechnologies. Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance or guidance and visit one of our distributors and see how others are “catching the wave”.

Remember all life is energy, live balanced.

All our best to you,
The LésAvi Family

Helping people world-wide, one person at a time, since 1998