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We thought we would share them with you

Since the launch of our successful Harmonic Energy bioenergetics technology in 1998, we've seen many energy products come and go. These are a just few of the better solutions and more interesting observations that have been forwarded to us from our satisfied users.

We've been educating the world on this very problem for two decades. Jeromy Johnson says it like it is.

A great TED Talk – Wireless wake-up call from Jeromy Johnson
A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold. Rather than going back to the '80s, LésAvi's technology offers a complementary solution to hold us over.

You can't see them but it's different when you can hear them, it's a little daunting.

POWER LINES - How dangerous they are - PROOF!!
This clip is interesting. It offers you a different perspective on what LésAvi is targeting—the electric and magnetic fields in our living spaces. You can clearly "hear" that being close to powerlines the EMF fields are stronger.

This is one of our favorites—it gets right to the heart of it.

Charging a cell phone from the power lines.
This demonstration has no motives behind it to sell products; it simply provides a straightforward example of the amount of energy being radiated out from powerlines. This will really makes you think twice about the power behind EMFs.

You may think you're not being affected but we've seen the effects take many forms too.

You Won't Believe How EMFs Affect Your Body!
Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the damage electromagnetic frequencies can cause in the body, even down to the cellular level. Find out what conditions may be caused by this kind of pollution. She also discusses how she was affected by EMFs!

Author Bill Farr shows you some very common Wi-Fi and EMF radiation sources.

WIFI Radiation Dangers and How to Protect Yourself - EMF Protection
Mr. Farr points out some often overlooked sources and offers some suggestions on what to do to protect yourself from their radiations. We suggest you use a LésAvi bioenergetics solution to strengthen your own fields and practice these practical suggestions.

This Mama Natural video shows you how you're surrounded by Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Are EMFs Real?
EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. You can't see them, hear them, smell them. So are EMFs actually a thing? Mama Natural rented a couple meters and took a look. Strengthening your body against their effects is what we're all about.

This Mama Natural introduces a great solution to part of the EMF problem.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure (And Why You Want to)
A growing body of scientific evidence is showing that EMF exposure can be harmful. The World Health Organization classified EMFs as "possibly carcinogenic to humans". She introduces a good partial solution—they shield things, LésAvi helps you—the best combination.