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What Others Are Saying

What these professionals are saying is NOT what the offered LésAvi Harmonic Energy Technology does, but what YOUR BODY CAN DO naturally with balanced and stabilized bioenergetics.

“Beneficial results are consistent, immediate, indisputable and dramatic.”

- Dr. Harold Cober

Florida Institute of Energy

“It helps to slow down the signs of aging by promoting an enhanced state of balance and well-being.”

- Mick Hall, PhD.

InnerActive Nutrition Research Facilities

“I was surprised to see things change for the positive in such a quick manner. This technology is phenomenal.”

- Jeanne Stryker, M.D.

Clinical Thermography Studies

“It has repeatedly proven to help the healing process.”

- Burton Danet, PhD.

Research Scientist, ABC for Life Institute

“The test results are irrefutable. This tech is very much in need.”

- Robert Setinary, PhD.

Blood Research Analyst

“It induced a state of mind that can only be compared to an elite athlete being – in the zone.”

- Leonard Richards, ThD.

Energy Enhancement Institute of Texas

“It balances and energizes the brain.”

- Debbie Crews, PhD.

Research Professor, Arizona State University

“The mind remains calm and relaxed at the same time that it is highly focused and coherent.”

- Nancy White, PhD.

Energy Enhancement Institute of Texas

“It led to increases in strength and peak power output with no harmful cardiovascular effects.”

- Ohio Research Group

Elite Athlete Testing Institute

“Energizes the body and increases fields of protection yet maintains a state of balance.”

- Lisa Tully, PhD.

Colorado Energy Medicine Research Institute

“The increases were immediate and were duplicated repeatedly.”

- Richard Lopez

Fitness Research Consultant Fitness Addiction Gyms

“Immediate value changes were observed trending towards normalization. It's amazing.”

- Juan Acosta PhD., QEEGT

Stone Mountain Center Research Facilities

“It works every time with every person tested.”

- Sadao Omata, PhD.

Professor, Japan University, Fukushima Medical University

These are just some of the hundreds of comments submitted to us over the years by users from all around the world. Please note that they are being shown to you anonymously for the reason that they are not to be used for the purposes of creating or stating a claim.

These are simply being shown to you as an educational tool to help you understand the potential result variations of bioenergetic balance and stabilization. Please use your best judgement when relating your energetic state of being with those being presented to you now.

“I surf and definitely notice an increase in my endurance as well as my balance.”

“I noticed a significant drop in my desire to smoke cigarettes. By the third week I quit smoking altogether. Thank you!“

“I had frequent appearance of eczema during the summer season, now I don't have the itchiness any more, all year long.“

“I am allergic to cats, but now I have two cats. I have no allergic reactions to cats now. It is amazing.”

“I used to sneeze and tear up every year with bad allergies, but after wearing the pendant the sneezing is gone.“

“I was suffering from hives when eating fish. I can't say it's completely gone but now I can tolerate it much more.“

“The ringing in my ear has stopped, it was a problem for 27 years and there is no need for a hearing aid anymore.”

“My menstrual discomforts have stopped, they were totally debilitating. I have a new life now!“

“After surgery in my legs they were weak and I needed a walker, I can now walk on my own. Thank you soooo much.“

“I no longer have to use my walker and cane.”

“Five of us each sank a hole-in-one!“

“I don't wake up with back pains.“

“I can feel my fingers again.”

“I don't get upset anymore.“

“I stopped smoking cigarettes.“

“I don't get jet-lagged.”

“My back aches have gone away.“

“I can work the entire day without sleepiness.“

“I increased my grades from a C to an A.”

“I don't need to eat as much.“

“My feet don't hurt anymore.“

“I don't get as fatigued anymore.”

“I can hear out of my left ear again.“

“My hunger has lessened.“

“I can sleep through the entire night again.”

“My eyesight has improved.“

“My hands don't turn red and chap as much when applying hair color to my clients.“

“Recently, a friend told me that I look younger. I think it is because I feel younger.”

“I sneeze around cigarette smoke but now, I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't me, I stopped reacting to cigarette smoke.“

“My overall body temperature has risen, and I don't have cold feet anymore.“

“Who would have thought that wearing a pendant could help my insomnia, but it does.”

“After usage, the blood circulation has gotten better, and I feel very warm.“

“I'm now able to raise my right arm, which I could not move even many years after the car accident.“

“The LPGA coach uses it in his classes and I dropped 5 points on my game.”

“I can easily lift my maximum weight without strain. Without it I can't. This is real!“

“Even after sitting in the Lotus position for an extended period of time, my knees and back do not hurt anymore.“

“I used to have menstrual irregularity, but now it my menstrual cycle is regular and easier.”

“I injured my right thumb several years ago and could no longer feel it but now the numbness has gone away.“

“Constipation has been a problem for a while, but now I'm regular, it's no longer a problem.“

“Every morning my face and feet are inflamed but now the swelling has completely gone away.”

“After breast cancer surgery, I couldn't raise my right arm over my head, but now I can raise and move my arm like normal.“

“My migraine headaches have completely gone away and have stayed away for a year now. I'll never take it off.“

“I could hit 30 yards farther in golf, and the exhaustion after playing has decreased significantly.”

“I lost my sense of smell many years ago, but with the pendant on I can smell a little. OMG!“

“I would not get tired from running, and the fatigue did not carry on to the next day anymore.“

“In weight training, I am able to do 3 more leg curls beyond my limit.”

“My high blood pressure used to cause me great headaches but now the headaches have been relieved.“

“I could only lift the dumbbell to a 90° position, but now I could lift it to over 120°.“

“I do not feel fatigue even after long hours of driving my truck.”

“The Hawaiian surfers are able to balance, so they are currently using it.“

“I had trouble walking, but… the pain disappears in just 5 minutes and stays away!“

“I can stay on my feet all day cutting hair and don't get leg aches. This is amazing.”

“My eyes don't hurt anymore when my body gets tired from computer work strain.“

“Suddenly, when my son's tooth started hurting, and we put it on, the pain disappeared in 5 minutes.“

“When I wake in the morning I'm already tired but now I am able to wake up refreshed.”

“A programmer, whom was troubled with migraines is feeling better now and is still better after three years of use.“

You can see that the results are all over the place. Even in the light of thousands of remarkable personal user results and testimonials. We at LésAvi try to take great care not to over exaggerate or embellish this simple and direct underlying claim –

Here’s simply what it does:
The Harmonic Energy Technology-enhanced products help to balance and stabilize the body’s bioenergetics and will hold it so for as long as the Technology’s influence is present.

The benefits realized to an individual when a body is in that balanced state of being is completely unique to the individual and can range from subtle calmness to increased energy to advanced healing and more.

Oh, here's one more…
“My wife is very thankful for my increased vitality.“

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Balancing the body’s bioenergetics to enhance wellness is not yet a standard that the United States Food and Drug Administration and many other governing associations support. Therefore, please be advised to always consult your health care practitioner before use and never stop taking any medication without first consulting your health care practitioner. Results vary with every individual. Your results may or may not be different from those depicted. No promises, guarantees or warranties, whether stated or implied, have been made that you will produce any specific outcome as a result of purchasing a product containing the Harmonic Energy Technology or using information from this website or other digital, printed or video materials.

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