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Be a Hero’s Ally.

Which entrance you choose depends on the promotional tool samples you wish to use.
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Whether you enter with a Hero’s help or on your own for Free,
you can generate sales commissions, overrides and bonuses. The Ally Affiliate program is a simple, web based, self-expanding platform that is easily manageable from a cell phone. It can, with little effort, generate ongoing residual income, and with focused effort…it can do much much more.

All you have to do is share the products and build out your Level 2 Referrals and the organization will grow on its own from there. Use the web and trend out!

What can happen?

The income scenario depicted in the chart below is based on building a small organization like the sample shown above. The sample’s assumption is that each participant registers through the Hero’s Entrance for $595, then they each sponsor three Ally affiliates themselves, and each participant sells a $75 energized product at least once. The below scenario can happen in a week, a month or it can take longer – that variable is up to you.

This presented income scenario is solely for educational purposes. Your sales and referral activity results will most assuredly vary.

And for you – over Half Off

Order any energy-enhanced product through the Mall, use your own Discount Code at checkout and save 30%, then receive a 25% rebate (in your commissions) to save a total of 55%.

Make sure to maintain your own stability, balance and protection – Stay Shifted and Stack It!