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- Have difficulty falling asleep?
- Wake up at 2am and stay awake?
- Go to work tired?

Get a solution that’s helping thousands to sleep restfully and wake up refreshed. It’s not a pill, exercise, elixir or device –

It’s Harmonic Energy Technology

The Harmonic Energy Sleep Music emits a programmed vibrational pattern that is similar to a healthy body's stable pattern. When the balancing HE-Music energy mixes with your body's unbalanced energy there's a sympathetic reaction where the two patterns sync together and stabilize.

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This greatly discounted offer is not a temporary solution, you can use it the rest of your life. You have nothing to lose and potentially your energetic and happy life to regain.

You’ll get one full hour of ambiance sleep support music

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Attention iPhone Users:
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It's all-natural and easy to use

- No more stressing about bedtime,
make it a joy to sleep again.
- No more worrying about being half asleep at work,
stay energized all day.
 - No more clouded mind,
stay focused and sharp.

We know

It's being used for 20 years in homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals all over the world. It's been studied, reviewed and tested by medical doctors, laboratory scientists, university professors and independent researchers.

It works.

"It changed for the positive in such a quick manner. This tech is phenomenal."

J. Striker, M.D.

Clinical Thermography Studies

"It works every time with every person tested."

S. Omata, PhD.

Professor Japan University

"It helps slow down the signs of aging by promoting an enhanced state of balance and well-being."

M. Hall, PhD.

InnerActive Nutrition Research Facilities

"It's repeatedly proven to help the healing process."

B. Danet, PhD.

Research Scientist, ABC for Life Institute

Try Something New

HE-Music does not need to be played audibly to work. Its balancing energies are received by your body, not so much your ears. However, many say they sleep better when they can hear the soothing ambient sounds and soft melodies.