We offer one of the world’s oldest and most respected bioenergy stabilizer technologies


Harmonic Energy Music

HE-Tech Calms – Relaxes – Stabilizes

Geometric measurements of the molecular and systemic electromagnetic bonds and pulses that make up a healthy body’s energy vibration were painstakingly converted into sympathetic tones and rhythms – creating the HE-Music. Once the HE-Music’s vibrations enter a body’s bioenergetic vibratory field it synchronizes with it, to balance and harmonize.

2003, Five Years Later

Harmonic Energy Body Cells

HE-Tech Energizes – Regenerates – Alleviates

It was difficult to always have the HE-Music playing in order to continually receive the HE-Music's benefits. So the HE B-Cell resonant frequency reverberation technology was developed. B-Cells are a highly successful, all-natural solution that uses the body's own bioenergetics to create an echoing-effect that generates the balancing HE tonal vibrations.

2009, Six Years Later

Harmonic Energy Electricity Cells

HE-Tech Detoxifies – Strengthens Immunity – is Anti-Aging

Because of the overwhelming electrosmog in our living spaces – EMF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular – we developed the HE E-Cell. The high tech E-Cell actually uses the same destabilizing electromagnetic frequency (EMF) vibrations to power the Cell. The reverberate HE vibratory information can then be refracted and carried on light waves to fill a large area.

Two Years Later 2012

Harmonic Energy Liquilight

HE-Tech Relieves Stress – Focuses the Mind – Stimulates Growth

Following 14 years of experience, we developed the ultimate bioenergetics harmonizer – Liquilight; liquid, light. Our proprietary Electromagnetic Pattern Infuser (EPI) cylinder technology suffuses the Harmonic Energy vibratory information into life-giving pure water. Liquilight can be placed in dyes, inks, cosmetics, foods, enamels and then worn, consumed, used topically, refracted by light and much more.

Can you imagine…

a belt that helps you stay focused or a t-shirt that keeps you balanced, a pendant or bracelet that helps you sleep or even a shampoo that keeps you energized all day? You don’t have to imagine any longer – it’s real and has been available to you for years.

OUR MISSION since 1998 has been to help people around the world to live and thrive in our stressful, polluted and electrosmog-filled world with greater balance, energy and well-being.

We continue to successfully accomplish our mission by empowering manufacturers, world-wide, to bring their consumables, cosmetics, apparel and jewelry to life by incorporating our Harmonic Energy Technology into their products.

LésAvi was founded on the understanding that all things are made of energy—from the smallest atom to the largest mountain. We also understand that all energy vibrations, all life, strive to synchronize and interact in harmony.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We are pioneers and leaders in the bioenergetics industry. Hundreds of thousands of users around the globe have been confidently purchasing our HE Technology and waveform bioenergetics-enhanced products for over 20 years. We have grown and remained successful leaders in this industry because we clearly understand that we are working with people, like you, that offer us their trust.

We look forward to working with you as a valued customer and friend.